Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sewing Fever

Lately I've have had the bug to sew something. For a long time I have been admiring the gorgeous fabrics by Sandi Henderson, Amy Butler, and Heather Bailey but I couldn't figure out a project that I wanted to make. Finally, I decided to make some dresses and shirts for Ashlyn to wear this summer.
I found the cutest Portobello Pixie pattern (Claire) and I love how it fits her. I still have enough fabric for 3 more dresses. I've set up a table in my studio with the sewing machine and surger. We'll see what I come up with next and how long this fever lasts.


stace said...

these are so cute...I made P a dress last summer and by the time I got around to putting the button on, it was too small. How sad is that? Do you mind sharing the pattern you used? and did you just buy all the fun fabric at the quilting store?

lorilynn said...

Stacia, I added a link to my post on the words "Portobello Pixie." You can view the pattern there. I started searching for a cute pattern after looking at the Matilda Jane clothing. This is similar to the peasant top that they sell. I made this for under $10 and I believe they sell for around $40 on the MJ site. I figure that's worth an hour of my time - that's really how long it takes. This pattern is really so simple and no buttons required! I'd like to try some of the other Portobello Pixie patterns, they're super cute.

Tori :) said...

You lost me at "sew." ;) I am jealous of your sewing skills!!