Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sweet Baby

I had the opportunity to take some photos of this darling little baby boy on Saturday. It's so fun to help record this stage of these sweet little ones. They're so new and precious and yummy. It almost makes me want one of my own.... ALMOST. I would like to thank my good friend Stacia for helping me sharpen my photography skills. She's my sister's niece. She's super talented and has become a good friend. If you're in the St. George area and need a great photographer, look her up!

I also took this photo of Natalie's baby. She's such a doll! Natalie has joined me in my sewing adventure. You'll notice that her baby has on the same material that Ashlyn is wearing. I've been thinking of sewing some extra dresses/summer clothes and selling them. If you or anyone you know would be interested, let me know. 

Ashlyn is always a very willing model. I need to make sure I include my other kids in a post sometime soon. Lately, they seem to run when I pull out the camera and for some reason nobody else is willing to model these darling new clothes!


Heidi said...

What fun pictures!

Becky said...

Lorie darling blog and I am so proud of Pam. You did a great job on hers too! I have been playing around with photography too-so much to learn! Your pictures look darling and the dresses!!! Oh my goodness. Are you selling them? I would love to link you to my blog if it's ok. I linked Pam. Let me know.

Jen Vesper said...

Oh my gosh! I LOVE these two pictures!! Both little girls look beautiful! I think that is my favorite picture of Ashlyn