Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Break

It's spring break for the kids so we took the opportunity to come to Texas to visit family. We flew in on Saturday. Sunday we had a great day at home with the family and we took a walk to the park. The weather is beautiful here. I hope to take this great weather back home with me. I am loving that it's actually springtime here!

Cousin Monica came by for Sunday dinner.

This is at the park.

Today was Monday and we spent the day at the amazing Dallas Arboretum to visit the Dallas Blooms Exhibit. This evening we went to the Blue Goose for a delicious Mexican dinner. We had chicken fajitas. They were so yummy!


Heidi said...

Great pictures! I hope you bring back the nice weather too.

lorilynn said...

Thanks Heidi. I'm working on that weather order!

swampbaby said...

Fun! How old is Monica now? Like 20 or something? It makes me feel old looking at her!

lorilynn said...

She'll be 26 in May. Now you can feel even OLDER : )