Friday, June 19, 2009

Month in Review

I am still here. We've been just a little busy since the summer began. So, here's a quick month in review...

• Ashlyn attended a fun birthday party for 4-year-old Brooklyn Hawks. They got to ride horses.
• Allison Daggs-Hoffman and the twins came for a quick visit from San Clemente, CA. I met Allison when I was 4! 
• Memorial Day weekend in Mayfield.
• Brian, Celeste and the Kids came for a weekend visit. (Including a trip to the zoo and temple square.)
• Doug's 40th birthday party. Wow, I'm married to a 40 year old man (which I love and adore and think is really hot! - now he's blushing, I'm sure.) Time sure does fly!
• School ended. Summer mode began. Katelyn was sad to leave her teacher. She loved Mrs. Reiford. Brayden graduated from 6th grade. Next year he's off to Jr. High. I'm still in shock. I'm telling you, time really does fly!!!
• Katelyn had a tonsilectomie (and I now know how to spell it!)
• 2 weeks of tonsil recovery.
• Brayden went to NYLT Camp in Idaho.
• The girls and I got to go swimming in between rain storms with Natalie and the kids.
• And, on top of it all, I've had plenty of work to do - designing paper, albums, and kits, etc.
I am in serious need of a vacation!

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Heidi said...

WOW! It looks like you have been having some good times. Life seems to go faster and faster.