Friday, October 16, 2009

New Brunswick Trip

Ashlyn and I had the great opportunity to go to New Brunswick to visit the Graham family. We had a wonderful week with them! We had a 16 hour journey to get to our destination. We flew into Atlanta, then to Boston, then to Bangor, Maine. Natalie and the kids picked us up and we drove 4.5 hours to their home in Moncton. Ashlyn was a little trooper! She knew that she was on her way to see Abby and that made it all worth it!

The first day we were in Canada we toured the town and visited the Bulk Barn. That is a great little store. I wish we had one of these here at home. They sold anything you can think of by the gram (not pound) in bulk barrels. We purchased some hot chocolate, gum balls, bloody bones (candy), candied nuts, dried veggies, and soup base. Very cool store.

The next day we drove out to an apple orchard and picked apples with the girls. There were acres of apple trees and we could pick as many apples as we wanted. We saw the coolest old farmhouse and discovered that Aubrey is extremely frightened of pumpkins! The countryside was absolutely gorgeous. The area is blessed with plenty of rainfall to keep everything nice and green. And the fall leaves were in peak season and full of color - red, orange, yellow. That was the highlight of the trip for me! Everyone needs to travel out east in the autumn at least once in their lifetime for some serious eye candy!

The next day we had planned to visit the Bay of Fundy, but the weather was so rainy that we changed our plans. We ended up driving out to Prince Edward Island. We stopped and took a few photos. I just have to say that the area is a photographer's heaven. We saw some of the most interesting old churches, buildings, and lighthouses. We had a picnic indoors at the tourist information center. It was raining outside most of the day. Then the kids picked out candy and Nat and I had ice cream on our drive home.

The next day we dressed the kids up for some fun fall photos. We found an amazing walking park where we explored and took some great photos of the kids. Again, I was thrilled with the amazing autumn colors. Breathtaking! On the way home we visited the beach and took photos by a giant lobster. Then we actually bought two live lobsters to take home for dinner. Boy, was that an experience. I don't think the kids (or I) will forget that one. That was Nat's favorite part (she hates seafood).

Then, on the last day, Abby, Nat, Ashlyn and I drove to Bangor, Maine to do a little shopping and stay the night at the Marriott. The little girls got to make a Build-A-Bear at the mall. The girls picked out matching bunnies. They they kissed and loved little stuffed hearts and put them in each other's bears and we put little giggle sound boxes in each of them. Now they can think of each other when they play with their bunnies.

While I was at Nat's house I prepared the photos for their photo wall - just like ours. We printed the photos in Maine at Sam's club. Let's just say that we got them for less than half price in the States and 2 weeks faster. That pretty much sums up the cost of living up in Canada - just plan on paying double for everything.

We had a great trip. I'm so grateful that we had the opportunity to go see where our friends are living and see a new part of the world.

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Heidi said...

It sounds like you had an amazing trip. I love all of your pictures, you truly are amazing with your camera. I'm glad you had the chance to take a break and have some fun!!