Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Have you seen Project Life??

I just received both editions of the NEW 2011 Project Life kits yesterday! They look amazing... if I do say so myself : )

Becky Higgins has a wonderful system to document your life. It's based on taking a photo a day (or week or whatever you choose) and simply printing the photos and journaling each one on a card. Then the photos and the journaling cards slip into special divided sheet protectors. Becky is such an organization genius that it's no wonder that she came up Project Life to simplify the scrapbooking process.

I've had the privilege of developing this product with Becky as her graphic artist. This year you'll see that there are not one, but two designs available. The Amber Edition is a little more feminine and the Turquoise Edition (Kerri Bradford helped design this one) is more masculine/neutral. Both designs are so beautiful and so simple to use. And, extra sheet protectors and blank journaling cards are available for the first time this year! Oh, and the new packaging is beautiful, too ; )

So, if you're looking for a new way of scrapbooking your life, go check it out HERE. Or, if you already know all about it and you're ready to order yours, you can go HERE.

Thank you, Becky, for the opportunity to work with you and for bringing this fabulous system to the world.


Sue said...

i wish wish wish we could get this in the UK! Would absolutely love this kit.....i even contacted Amazon UK to see if they would stock it but with no joy. The cost of posting it to the UK from USA far exceeds the cost of the kit so will have to look on in envy at you lucky ones :)

Jen Gallacher said...

You are an amazing designer, Lori! :)

lorilynn said...

Sue. I am so sorry you can't get PL in the UK : ( How much would it cost to order the sheet protectors alone? Maybe that would help you create your own version of the kit.

Jen. You are an amazing artist, too! I'd really love to meet you someday! Seems that we're bumping into each other more these days : )

Both of you have a great day and thanks for dropping by my blog!

The Bridges said...

Are the kits sold out already?! I found your page from the Silhouette Studio store and am in love with the Project Life idea.

Sue said...

Hi Lori, now that's a thought.....I might just look into it Love your work and all the designs you do for the Silhouette :)


The four of us said...

I love my PL kit and how cool is it that you helped design it. I think you are an amazing artist! Can't wait to share my January pages with you....I am waiting to pick up my prints...oh and by the way I have twin 3 year olds so you can imagine I can easily fall behind. So glad I found your blog!