Monday, March 22, 2010

This Week's Release

I've been getting lots of requests for more layouts. I created a "you make me smile" layout this week.
I really enjoy making the card kits. I've done plenty of them throughout the years -- typically printed overseas and a big production. I love the flexibility of cutting the entire card from your home on the Silhouette. Instant gratification and worldwide distribution. Very cool.
I've also been getting requests for more cards in the same style of the "I love my mom" card. I've created several this week (even some that are not shown here... birthday, baby, etc.)
Oh, and for all those in the UK and Australia... I know you wanted it. So, here it is : )


bathmender said...

I would like to be the first to tell you again how absolutely
Brilliant You are Lori. Great designs once again...We are all sooooo lucky you design for Silhouette...

lorraine said...

Thank you Lori for the Mum card - I look forward to more mUm and mUmmy stuff! Now we just need, Mums are special and Mummy's girl - just a thought, but can't they be attached in the same mOm files as an alternative option?

I love all your stuff to date - I just could not make stuff as quick as I download more of your great designs!

Been wondering - how about little 3-D jewellery stands or other items for little (or big) girls earrings and chains etc(something quick for them that they we would all use) also some specifically designed silhouette packaging pieces like ornate hangers for gift giving that we can add to our cards or some sort of mini containers in order to give home made jewellery when we make stationery?

I'm also thinking how about tray organisers - for jewellery (again!) or sewing bits.

I want to make my 8yr old a sewing kit / box. with trays and needle wallets etc, so I'd love some form of tray dividers that I can manipulate according to what I am making for all kinds of projects.

Maybe i'll just have to design my own and ask Silhouette if they'll let me sell my designs occasionally !! ha ha!

Oh yes - I'd love designs that scale to ATC size cards and 6x4 AND 5x4 photo sized cards for journalling or decoration, plus smaller embellies for kind of 365 / but more month in review scrapping. Quite generic, not too themey - just photo complimentary colours. I'd love the above in print and cuts in neutrals like soft shabby or just a little grunged edges and ledger-like style and also in the colours most found in our photos - shades of blue, green and browns - with touches of colour only here and there on add-on cards, so that the main items are timeless and forever in my 365 books to use over and over with a few 'fashion now' or project specific colours as add-in cards over the seasons / years.

Sorry this is long - but I thought i'd get those requests out there to ya!

Perhaps you would let us know on your blog if you might run with any of these ideas when you can get to them. I can be patient then! he hee!

thanks so much for taking the time to read this - hopefully others will like the suggestions too!

bathmender said...

Oh Lori,
Could you mabe do a Tree House?
We are building my 7 year old Grandson a tree house and I will most certainly scrapbook this, mabe some cool phrases to go with it...I wish to make him some sayings for the walls as well as my pages Thanks soooo much...Terri